Plan Benefits

In Medicare Advantage plans, private health insurance is bundled with public benefits not available under original Medicare. Aetna has built its reputation as one of the leading Medicare Advantage providers by emphasizing the overall health and well-being of its customers.


Aetna Medicare offers a wide range of quality Medicare Advantage plans. Overall, their projects have an average Medicare star rating of 4.1 out of 5. Insurers primarily offer HMO plans (including special needs plans) and some PPOs.

If you’re considering replacing your Medicare coverage with a Medicare Advantage plan, the list of methods and insurers can seem endless. But exploring your options and discovering your options doesn’t have to be stressful. Just take the first step and read this unbiased review of Aetna Medicare Advantage plans.

Aetna Medicare Benefits 

Low-price prescription drug plans: In 2021, Aetna introduced a new standalone low-price prescription drug plan. At less than $7 a month, this plan will remain the lowest premium plan in all 50 states in 2022. All three standalone drug plans have $0 co-payments for Tier 1 drugs at your favorite retail stores.

Added more $0 Premium Medicare Advantage plans: Aetna has expanded its $0 Premium Medicare Advantage options. By 2022, these plans will be available to 85% of eligible Medicare beneficiaries.


Extended Additional Benefits: Most Aetna Medicare Advantage members are eligible for SilverSneakers fitness benefits, and many are suitable for dental, vision, and hearing benefits. Some Aetna members may also receive assistance from Resources for Living, counter services, and post-hospital meal delivery.

Pay your premium at select CVS stores: Members can pay their bills at select CVS stores. With the “Pay in Store” barcode, members can pay their health insurance bill like any other pharmacy purchase with cash, credit card, or EC card.

Aetna Medicare Advantage plans to provide most, if not all, of these additional benefits, including dental, vision, and hearing benefits, Silver Sneakers fitness, over-the-counter medications, care management to help members monitor their health status, and meals. home program.